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Naplasol is your perfect partner for delicious plant-based food.

Naplasol mycoprotein structures


Naplasol offers 100% natural, mycoprotein-based meat alternatives. Our sustainable semi-finished products have a unique structure and unsurpassed nutritional value. We can provide the desired structure based on your requirements.

Naplasol state of the art production facility in Bree Belgium


Our production process is based on an ancient tradition that we have optimised down to the last detail. Our impressive range of machines enable us to meet your market demands.

Naplasol expertise in the meat alternatives industry

Polished skills

Naplasol draws on many years of expertise in the meat alternatives industry. Our professional know-how translates into stability and flexibility for our customers.



Product, production and polished skills: 3 unique ingredients Naplasol provides to shape your plant-based food plans.

Let's co-create with our mycoproteins!

Curious about the many possibilities? Discover all the products and our story.

Naplasol production site Naplasol in Bree Belgium

About Naplasol

Naplasol is a Belgian production plant in Bree that specialises in plant proteins. It is part of the VEOS Group, one of the global leaders in the animal protein market. VEOS Group was established in 1974 and has its headquarters in Belgium. It has production sites around the globe for brands such as "Vepro" and "Actipro"  and a worldwide sales network. To guarantee its high-quality products and services, VEOS Group is committed to the strictest quality standards on a daily basis in all areas, from research and development to door-to-door delivery.

Our experienced application specialist will help you to develop your desired end product. We believe that co-creation is the best ingredient for a long-term partnership.

Naplasol is proud member of the Fungi Protein Association

Proud member of the Fungi Protein Association

Naplasol is a proud member of the Fungi Protein Association, a group of companies pioneering fungi fermentation to advance food sustainability. The FPA represents the interests of its members, advocates in fungi protein in public policy, initiates scientific research, and much more.

The world needs more nutritious and sustainably produced protein because other sources, such as animal and plant-based proteins, cannot keep up with growing demand, do not contain all the essential amino acids, or are heavily processed and/or consume a lot of energy and land. "Mycoproteins are today's proteins for a better future," said Wim Slee, founder and CEO of Naplasol.

The FPA has a diverse collection of members. These are food processors who develop high-protein, high-fiber food products, such as nuggets, deli meats, cream cheese, bacon, fish fillet and sashimi, non-profit organizations such as GFI and ProVeg International and others, such as Naplasol, who develop nutritious and tasty mold protein ingredients for meat, egg, fish and dairy alternatives.