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Plans for mycoproteins?

Get in touch with Naplasol, your industrial partner for 100% natural fermented mycoproteins created for delicious food products. 

Our applications

Unveiling Mycoprotein

Did you know that our unique mycoproteins have the superpower to drive a sustainable protein shift? Even more, with their neutral taste, they are incredibly tasteful and can economically transform your food products into irresistible cravings for more.

From mushroom mycelium to meat replacers

Naplasol offers 100% natural, mycoprotein structures. Our sustainable semi-finished products have an excellent, unique structure and unsurpassed nutritional value for your consumer product.


Locally sourced sugar and nutrients are combined with our beloved fungi strain(s).


In our state-of-the art factory we grow the mycelium root-like structure at an extreme high growth rate.


We harvest our high-protein, root-like structure. 


As your B2B supplier, Naplasol provides you with highly nutritious and sustainable mycoproteins.


Let’s co-create with our mycoproteins …